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Posted 19/01/2022 in Gold Membership

Benefits Of Gold Membership

Benefits Of Gold Membership

The Free trial is dead, long live the free trial.

So what does that heading mean?

Well we have decided to remove the free 31 day trial of the Gold membership BUT you loose nothing in reality.

When we thought about it you already have an permanent free trial by way of the Bronze membership.

Join, fil out your details and its Free for as long as you like.

However, Gold is most definitely the way to go IF you are SERIOUS about getting MAXIMUM exposure to your profile and your business!

Apart from the many benefits it offers one stands out and that is the "WE ACTIVLY PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS"  

Want to learn more then watch the video below.

We are often asked what makes this directory any better or different than the next.

Well this on its own would be worth every penny of the membership fee.

But we have many more reasons and over time we will share those with you so keep checking back and keep sharing the directory.

Help us to help you - Be seen - Be found.