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Posted 13/02/2022 in Whats New

Change to Membership Plans

Change to Membership Plans

HI folks,

John here from Carpet Cleaning Directory again.

We have made another change to the membership plans.

So we have removed the "Silver" plan.

We have also renamed the "Bronze" plan to "FREE" and the "Gold" plan to "Full Member"

Again, we are always looking at what works and what needs work and we found that this was one of those areas that needed work.

New Membership Plans

Not only have we made the above changes but we have added "Classified" to the Free membership.

This means any member can now list their carpet cleaning products, machines and accessories for sale/or wanted, all for free.

We have a couple of example listings at the moment but they will be removed once people start using this service.

Classified Listings

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P.S Be sure to check you have all the sections filled out on your profiles and it is up to date and relevant.

Take care,

Carpet Cleaning Directory