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We are a dedicated directory for those in, and those searching for Professional Carpet Cleaners 

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This directory is brought to you by a professional carpet cleaner and small business owner.

I soon realised that there was a real need in our profession for a single point of call from both customers and service providers alike.

CUSTOMERS: In the past as a customer and now as a professional I soon discovered just how difficult it was to find a reliable, trustworthy, rated, insured and Professional Carpet Cleaner. 
Sure I did what many do and spend half a day searching the internet and clicking on one site after the next and hoping that I made the right, best guess choice.
Worse yet I asked for recommendations from Facebook. Well we all know how challenging and frustrating that can be!
Who or what are we really looking for!?
Best review, Best price? Best offer, Availability, Insured, Trained..... The list goes on, as does the struggle.!

So for all you customers out there this directory will be your one stop place to not only find rated and reputable providers of carpet cleaning (and related) services but it will hopefully help you to make the right decision when making that choice.

FREE TO USE: For all customers this site is free to use. Search whenever, whoever and as much as you like!

ACCOUNT: As a customer you do not need an account HOWEVER we do give you the option to create one.
It is called the "General User" membership.
Again totally free.

The General User is the type of Membership Plan that is targeted to visitors, individuals that want to be part of the directory to:

  • Look for members.
  • Individuals that want to get a benefit only if they are part of the directory.
  • Use the Favourites functionality to save Posts and member profiles that are searchable on the website.

By default this type of profile is non-searchable meaning that you are not going to create posts on the website, this is just its default functionality.

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PROFESSIONALS: As a professional carpet cleaner myself I also know the issues faced from your side of the wand.

Some of the challenges I had and also see faced by others when starting out are such things as - 

  • What machine to buy
  • What equipment do i need to get going
  • What to charge
  • Where to buy equipment from
  • Where to by solutions from
  • Where can I get training
  • What are the best techniques for certain scenarios
  • Where is the best place to advertise my business
  • What about a website
  • And where can I just hang out with other like minded folk.
  • Plus many more

Well I have been through these and then some!

This directory is hoping to be the place where you can get the answers to all these questions and SO MUCH MORE!

For CUSTOMERS its really quite simple;
Follow the 1,2,3 guide below and you can search and compare those members in your area.
Check them out, read their profiles and reach out to them....SIMPLES 

1. Search Members

Use our website to search members by specialty or location. It's easy to search and find top-rated professional carpet cleaner directories.

2. Compare Members

After searching for members, compare quotes, reviews, and full profiles of each member on our website.

3. Connect with Members

Contact members you like for more information. Our members are always happy to hear from you!

For Professional Carpet Cleaners and Related Business Owners;

First thing you need to do is join the directory - Join Today

It is FREE to join.

Now, that being said lets keep it real here, yes there is a free membership option and yes it is totally free.
However, this site has neither built itself nor will it maintain and grow itself.
So for two very good reasons I HIGHLY recommend you upgrade to either Silver or Gold.
With both paid for options you get more... a lot more with GOLD.



HIGHER LISTING PRIORITY: With Gold membership you get higher priority in the listings - So for example if another member is listed in the same working area as you and one of you is Gold and the other Silver or Free then they will come to the top of the search results.

FORUM: For Gold members you will have access to a hidden forum. Here you can chat with other members about.... well pretty much anything that takes your fancy (within reason)
Chat about and debate about the pros and cons of certain products, machines, solutions and so on.
Let off steam about your days work.
Share stories and show of your before and after shots.
Its your forum and all in one place.

CATEGORIES: So you may only provide one service - Carpet Cleaning - But chances are you will provide more and may also want to diversify.
With Gold membership you can list in ALL available categories and no extra charge.
So for example - Carpet cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Hard Floor cleaning.
Being listed in more categories means customers searching for a specific service will be able to see you in the results!

LOCATIONS: To be found in your chosen area is vital and with Gold membership you can be listed/found in as many areas as you want to service/work.

RECIEVE & RESPOND TO REVIEWS: So as we all know reviews are our reputation in a sentence or a shiny star.
Without these we are just an unknown quantity in a battlefield we call our competition!
With Gold membership your customers can leave such a glowing review of the service you provided and that 5 shiny stars for all the world to see.

 BLOG: Have you ever wanted to share more with your customers that your profile just doesn't get across?
Well now you can. Use the blog option to share your stories with the world.
Not only does it make for a much more appealing profile to your customers but it also helps in getting your profile and the directory seen by such search engines as Google. And we all want to be seen !

FUTURE: Not only does GOLD membership give you all this in addition to what you get as a FREE/SILVER member, but you will get any new features and functions that may come along in the future all totally included for free.